Mark 16:15-16 (ESV)

15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.


  • “It is my heart’s desire to serve the Lord. When the Lord says Go; I will Go.”


  • “The Chinese Outreach Network is a collaboration of individuals and organizations who are committed to disciple the Chinese peoples around us. Both Chinese and Africans are coming to Christ through this vision-driven network. Individuals and churches are being equipped to reach and mobilize the Chinese diaspora across Southern Africa. Please let us know how SACON can assist you to be part of this movement of God.” –  Karl Teichert, OC Africa Area Director


  • ” My name is Daniel Hughes, I am a South African who God called to work among the Chinese. My family and I worked as  missionaries in Taiwan for 14 years. Together with a team we helped plant a thriving church among the Hakka Chinese. On returning to South Africa my hearts desire was to continue with the work among the Chinese diaspoa in our country. For the last ten years I have been working as a missionary in two different Chinsese churches in Johannesburg. My desire is to see more Chinese people living in our country and in Southern Africa be exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and given an opportunity to respond to the love of Christ and come into relationship with Him. I also desire to see more co-workers / pastors / evangelists/ missionaries either locally or from overseas come and help us with the work among the Chinese. SACON is a wonderful group / network of precious people who have the same desire as I and I find it a privilege to know them and to work and minister with them.” ——Daniel Hughes


  • “在Sacon中,可以认识许多关怀华人的人和组织,期待在这个组织中,与大家一同合作。祝福生活在非洲的华人,并且能将神的爱传达给他们,使他们认识神,生命被改变,拥有幸福和得胜的人生。”—— Fang Lin


  • Why SACON? First, God’s calling for me. Second, I love Chinese people. Third, I have been working with Chinese people since 2003. — Korean missionary, Joseph Kim


  • “God loves the Chinese, that’s why He made so many of them. We want to see churches given to see God’s will done, just like the church in China. We want to see strategic impact. Not just a few Chinese saved, but thousands of them saved, and turned on to the kingdom of God. A vibration growing church is God’s will for today. That is what God wants. That is what I am passionate about.” — Steve Grant


  • “感謝主興起一群非華人的宣教士及弟兄姐妹們在南非成立‘SOUTHERN AFRICA CHINESE OUTREACH NETWORK’- SACON 來關懷在南部非洲的華人們。” 段牧師



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